From sketches to songs aboot aw things Scottish, come see these wee comical dafties dae what they dae best. Fast-paced, witty comedy with clever twists on Scottish culture. The Weegie Boys will have ye creasing yersel from start to finish. Starring Gregor Mackay, Conor Hardie and Elliot Hanigan, the boys have proved an undeniable hit both on stage and online having sold out Edinburgh Fringe runs and performed as headline club acts along with producing numerous viral sketches via BBC Scotland. So Weegie Hink Ae That?


Oor Wee Mackay is the writey-pants, he has that wild unique approach to writing and creating comedy. Like an Aldi John Lennon he’s full of crazy but wonderful surprises, daft but actually quite clever, so he claims...Also has no shame in telling folk on the internet that he “Shat himself in a wetsuit once”


Oor Conor is a natural funny man, or so he claims.. he brings a lot of original off-the-cuff energy and gags to the group. Like an Aldi Kevin Bridges (fun fact - Con works in Aldi) he’ll have ye rolling about in fits of laughter just by being there!


Eldo is the wee rockstar guitarist of the group. Like a Paulo Nutini tribute act, or an Aldi James Mcavoy, he’s got the looks. Eldo is like the glue for the madness, his one liners are golden and his song writing is top tier!